Yam RX-771 dead.. replace with ???

My IncaTach Claymore was used from late 80's up until 2005 when I moved to a small apartment and fitted surround sound stuff and I had to 'upgrade'. Well this new modern amp has died.. PSU failure ☹️ bloody modern electronics !

So need to replace it.

HDMI video switching
Phono input
7.1 surround
Zone 2
Ethernet streaming of FLAC
FM Tuner

My current amp, when I select Zone 2, the surround switches to 5.1 from 7.1, the Zone 2 using the amps from 2 of the surround channels. Would be nice to keep the 7.1 and the Zone 2. What do I look for in the spec to get that ?

Just looking at the current range from Yamaha, there seem to be many that fit the list, and I can't really tell one from the other reading the online blurb about them

Anyone able to give any guidance ?


  • I only do two channels, Neil. I'm old fashioned like that!

    Who does all this new fangled stuff?
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    Colin, looks like Neil needs an old Claymore with an uber-super-duper upgrade...

    Neil, I too feel inadequate with this. That sort of multi channel amp is well outside my comfort zone. :-(
  • I'm afraid I'm also too far out of date to help here. Things have moved on since my day with all this stuff. Yamaha and Denon were the pack leaders back then. That particular feature you ask of was only manually switchable and your post is the first I knew that it had been automated! I think you need to look for a combination of the 2 or more zones coupled to bi-amp capability. Often the extra zones are line level out only.
    The only one I saw on a quick search that would fit the bill was the Onkyo TXRZ100. I don't know if that's in your budget or not.
  • Ummm, no e-mail notifications if replies... I'll have to check my settings

    I'd have stuck with the 2 channels of my Claymore too, but the long haired general likes her TV and her sister had surround sound, and since we moved from rentedfarm house to mortgage and own small apartment, I lost my listening room and had to compromise. I did get to keep my vinyl and the Planar 3 though

    Guess I'll just keep reading
  • We;l just to 'complete ' this thread.  

    I could have gone for a Yam RX-A2070 or 1070 surround amp at £1500 to 1800.  they have this modern tech called 'MusicCast' that sends stuff over WiFi to other Music Cast amps in the house.  WXA-50's or the pre amp WXC-50.

    or I can buy the RC-V683 amp that is still surround sound and support MusicCast.  so I still have the multiple Zone ability ..and the V series 683 series amp is £555 as opposed to the A series Advantage Amp at £1500.

    Since this is all for 'generic' hose music..and not 'serious' listening .  I went of the cheaper option for the main amp plus two RXA50's and an RXC50 

    Colin is in the process of returning my Claymore after its first service ( I bought it in '87) , so I can run the RCX-50 in my vinyl listening room with the Claymore if I want to stream other stuff in there, and still have the 'surround experience and streamed music around the house in other rooms via the Yamaha Music Cast system:

    And I just bought myself a new Harley too :)   

    Life is great one once the Mortgage is paid :)

  • Thanks for the update Neil.
    Complicated considerations there. Well, more complicated than we’re used to.
    So you’re moving towards audio and lifestyle nirvana...
    Thanks for the mortgage-free gloat too. Someway to go for me on that front...(2036, to be precise...)
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