Bill Frisell and Kenny Wollesen live at Elvis' house

Goosepimples all the way through. 

No setlist, just 20 years of playing together in various formats. 

One of the finest sets I've ever seen from Frisell. He is a master, now past flooring me with audacious technique, surprising sounds and half-emptying the Queen Elizabeth Hall at a gig back in the mid-80s. He is the guitar god. Nuff said.


  • Clearly a fav' of yours, Dave.
    Thanks for the link. Although a bit "unconventional"(?) for my tastes, I did enjoy hearing someone doing innovative (at least to my ears) with a guitar. 
  • My favourite guitarist. Full stop.

    He has been the biggest guitar innovator (without going way to the outer reaches, and even then, I'm not sure) since the early 80s and skips genres unlike anyone else.
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