Time for a Claymore V6

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Hi all

So last week a good friend of mine @crazymadfool popped over with his Claymore to demo at my home.

Safe to say I loved it so got straight on the case of trying to find one. To my luck one came up that seemed to be a good un, so I jumped straight on it and it arrived today.

All looks good to me but in all honesty don't know what i'm looking at!

The serial number box is very faded but I 'think' it says 80195.

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Looking forward to getting it hooked up :)


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    If I know Colin, he’ll have its birth certificate somewhere in his brain, with all the amp’s relevant details.
    i’m sure he’ll be along presently...
    Great news you were able to source one so immediately! Once you’ve plumbed it in, please let us know how it’s sounds.
  • I'd be interested to hear anything Colin has to say, the seller advised this one had been back to Colin at some point for a service of sorts.

    Hopefully setting up tonight, so I'll be sure to let you know how it sounds.
  • Yep, I'm sure Colin will give you its entire family tree and much of its life history :-)

    Good luck tonight!
  • Got it all cabled in last night and spent the morning listening to music.

    What a beaut this is, i'm a total novice at all things hifi so I cant give any sort of useful technical analysis, but to my humble ears it sounds amazing. I've listened to tracks and heard instruments that I normally couldn't pick out, elements that used to sound like a background blur are now prominent, lows are deep and punchy whilst still fast and the highs are very clear. Soundstage is so much more than I'm used to, fills my room with ease.

    I've had the speakers (Monitor Audio BR5) for about 4 years and always felt they were let down by my pioneer AV amp/receiver but I hadn't realised just how much. It's like listening to different speakers.

  • Wonderfully worded post. :-)
    You’re genuinely delighted.
  • Another convert! :-)
  • Birthday Jan 1980 number that month 95 easy, check it with a blue led lamp the serial number should then stand out.

    Enjoy it then try the new one phew 
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