Changes in Elsdon Wonfor Audio Ltd.

Jan 31st will see some changes in Elsdon Wonfor Audio Ltd.

Due to poor health of both the founders Elsdon Wonfor Audio Ltd will cease to be, this will not stop the made to order products we do now.

The production of the electronics and cables will now be done by Elsdon & Wonfor Audio.

Alan will be taking a well earned rest from all the everyday boredom and relaxing I hope.

We are also considering allowing under licence the production of the cable and electronics over seas and maybe the UK, talks are still in progress.

Thank you all for your support now and in the past.

Best Col


  • I hope that Alan enjoys a well earned rest, and you get to do all that you want to Col. Feel better soon!

  • Good luck with everything, Col. I hope you and Alan both feel better soon.
  • Wishing you and Alan all the best , really hope things work out for you.
  • Take care of yourselves through these changes.
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