At last a website not yet completed but getting there.

Thanks to Hugh and Mr. Brown.


  • That Skean Dhu looks right purdy.
    Is it aimed above the Retro Claymore and and and ..

    What a tease!
  • TBA Later, ext PSU and 4 channel, Hugh did a lovely job on the chassis design as he did on the others. Now to tidy Web site up, but I hate writing.
  • Some cracking looking kit there.
    Probably sounds half-good too! ;-)
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    Here is a few I did this week.

    Q20, Q20P, M50, M50P, Claymore, M50P Pro, ditto, M50 Pro, M100 Pro

  • Yay, Mr W!
  • Tower of power.
    Yup, Aclass.
  • Hi all, just noticed the Q20 for £895 in the spring sale. Thought that I might buy one to replace the naim nap 100, in my dining room system. I use little Dali Menuets, as my wife won’t allow larger speakers. I love the detailed sound of the Menuets, but they could do with a bit more depth. I have used my original Claymore (serviced and souped up by Colin) with them, and they sound great, but I use the Claymore happily in another system. Do people think that the Q20 will give the desired extra oomph. I use a Chord Hugo as a pre amp, and play just cds and RPi3 player. Advice would be much appreciated.
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    There has been a few reviews, Alan and Dave have baby Q20 but the EWA version is much better.
    TAS is having a ASBO on the 20th the Q20 & p plus a few other toys will be there come and listen.

    OPs typo 21st April
  • Thanks Colin. My Claymore is sounding amazing mated with  KEF Q20’s. They can sound overly bright with other amps I have tried with them. But the Claymore gives them real weight, without losing any detail. So once again,  thanks very much for fettling the Claymore for me, I’m so pleased with it! I think I will put the nap 100 on eBay and buy the Q20 after reading excellent reviews. Busy on 21st I’m afraid.
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