BBC Blues America

Enjoyed the first episode of this on iPlayer last night.
Good mix of history and music. It hadn't ever occurred to me before that, for various reasons, it was female blues singers that were in the vanguard of popularising the genre (not quite a feminist movement, but still... ;-) ). Also interesting to hear how it was The Blues' novelty and its appeal to the young (specifically young black workers in the Mississippi delta) that defined its formative years.
I found that the narrative jumped about a bit, but overall pleasing combinations of old footage and recordings with analysis from modern commentators.


  • Thanks Ben great.
  • I may have seen it the first time around, but 2013 is a long time ago for my addled brain!

    I'll check it out.
  • I was only recently made aware of it!
    Glad you enjoyed it Col.
    Watched the second one this evening. Also worth watching, tho speaking personally as it focussed more on Chicago it wasn’t quite as enjoyable for me as the Deep South first episode.
  • Nice one Been. I remember these and I'll watch again.
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