Things that go walkie's

Here is photo of the one and only Inca Tech MSB, this amp went missing with other kit at the end of Inca Tech assumed stolen, and it was. And now back on the scene mmmm


  • You mean, it's appeared on eBay or somewhere, Col?
  • It did on eNic and no questions asked.

    The idiot who stole it sold it to a guy in Somerset.

    It was designed for Maggy Speakers and it was 50W/8R, 100W/4R, 200W/2R, 400W/1R in stereo, or 800W/0.5R Mono or 200W/8R, 400W/4R, 800W/2R and only 1200W/1R mono bridge.

    A few dealer tried it and on Wharfedale Diamond's is was amazing, and one dealer sold lots of Diamonds because of it.

    It was a beast, the guy who stole left it unused for nearly 40yrs it was covered in crap and found only a mile away from my old factory on Canvey Island. He also stole a Claymore and a FMT tuner from me, thanks Dodger, yes YOU in Canvey.
    Now it is in a home I will approve of and cared for. But no room here, it was nearly 30inch wide and about 80Kgs

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    Yes can see the top of 1 of the 2 1KVA transformers and a bank of 8 of 47,000uF at 50V capacitors, a little over kill never hurt, it had 24 complementary 55A FET,s
  • It least it’s in a happy place
  • No, it won't be on a happy place until I have it. Then my place will be a happy place.

    I have welding I need to do...
  • You've bought it?
  • Dave, he could not lift it without leaving arms dangling on the chassis, it is slightly heavy.

  • You don't know about his parallel career as an Olympic Weightlifter???? 
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