Royd and MR Brown.

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I received with many thanks a gift from Mr. Brown, and to be truthful I was surprised not because of the action of giving which I have found to be rare indeed and when done is always generous in this business but the amazing and surprising sound and the new lease of life these amazing Royd speaker have given to my music enjoyment.

I tried them first on my NAS thing and the Blue Ray digital thing with the Tellurium Q modified Atom I made for Maria, to say the sound was OKish and a bit lacking is spot on. It was music for house work and the TV musicals with a dash spit cough yuk football ambience she enjoys and on the Q Acoustics that were in place before a big improvement and was only a TV sound system and not special. Even on the EWA Claymore the "Q" were fair but not musical at all, well not to my taste I like deep controlled Bass and a tingle on the neck when playing classical choral music, these never did that. So for two plus year the Q and the TV sound with the Atom Special lived in the living room play "Deadender" and "Footcrap" sounds of noise.

Now along come Mr. Brown and asks me to collect a pair of Royd's please for south London only a thirty minute drive under Thames and you must be holding one's breath in the Blackwall rat hole. Is it me I always want to have a shower as soon as I leave that mess.

Well I get them to the living room fit them to the EWA Claymore (yes dear I dusted behind the TV) and was shocked at the sound stage, the image the top end delight the sublime bass was to die for. Maria is not home he he and my thoughts where loud music and stuff I like, I was in musical heaven.

1) Art of Noise was first up and I found myself dashing between tracks and loving the brief sampling I was getting deep nice bass my feet (well the left one) was tapping away and I wanted bop about it was great.
2) The next was choral music the tingle was back, quick move on were my thought I only have five hour before the boss gets home.
3) OK not all will like this but my dad and I sung along to the Motorola Radio on MW whilst driving from home and travelling to work at Plessey every time we heard it and it was "T Rex and " Hot Love" yes the MK 1 Cortina was back and dad my brother Andy and I was singing along.

Well this went on for the whole five hours and I forgot to collect the boss the door swung open whilst I was listening to "Lawyer in Love" and in came the Mrs. deep shite NO she loved it and found us both now track hoping until 11.30PM. The next day more music and even a sound track to a Star Trek movie, what a great system, anyhow I must dash the Kraftwerk tracks have just ended.

Gone to retirement stage of life.


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    They are very fine speakers wot Mr B got for you, Mr W.

    A had a pair for about the same time I've had my RR3s (which are also something to do with Mr B, although they weren't a gift).

    I've said on this 'ere board thingy before, the great things about those Ruarks far outweigh the wonky ones. There will be people who hate them, but they're just plain wrong! :-D

  • Great write-up Col.
    Lovely pressie. :-)
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