Yes I know I've already owned one but..... TQ Claymore?


Having changed my whole system over the last few months I think I've really ballsed up by selling my TQ Claymore. Now I know there were only about 6 ever made. I know where two are, but..... 

Does anyone else have one they would like to sell?

I already own an Inca Tech Claymore MKII so I won't be interested in one of those.




  • Danny something or other works for HiCrap Pig has one.

  • Also 2 left in TQ Somerton office but my now be destroyed.
  • If you don't need the onboard DAC how about a Retro Claymore?

    Is there a review anywhere on the little beastie?

  • Hi I will be doing the DAC as a separate beasty, but just back from hols, were wallet was stolen and my fund in all my account where stolen, NatWest trying to tell me it my fault I must have used them , Ba---t---ds, then Uncle Les died and guess what another nasty bug and hospital again.So a wee bit busy right now.

  • Thanks for the replies, only just noticed them.

    Colin you're not having much luck. 

    Danny sold his one. 

    It was just a thought to see if any others were kicking about, have changed a couple of tubes in my power amp and it's already made me question why I'm looking at another amp 😂
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