Magnum or Claymore integrated?

Hi all

just bought a Claymore, under the impression that MC stage was fitted - it isn't. Seller will accept return, or Colin may fix it.

But I also wondered if the Magnum IA 170 is up to the Claymore's standard? And how do I check from the outside that it has the MC fitted?




  • The IA170 was based on a stolen design of my "Oberon" amp and it has MC
  • Thanks Colin. Is it any good? ie how closely was it based on your design?
  • Very close
  • Not as good as the Claymore! A brighter sound, which is not my cup of tea as it is a little fatiguing. I hope I can get my Claymore fettled'!
  • Interested in a Claymore mk2? 

    I have one for sale. 


    Colin knows this one 😉
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