Adding new FETs and MC to old Claymore

Hello all

I just bought a Claymore, Iss3, which sounds wonderful (even against a range of high-end valve gear I traditionally use). The only problem is that the seller quite understandably thought that the MM-MC switches on the base meant that it had a MC stage. It doesn't!

Does anyone here do repairs/tweaks? I'd also like the old FETs upgrading at the same time. A rough estimate would be welcome. 




  • Colin...?
    Certainly has in the past. Tho he is (semi-)retired now.
    PM him here (user name anticrap) or failing that, maybe at his new company EWA... ...?
  • I believe Colin is still doing repairs and mods to his products, like the Claymore.

    Contact him via Chews as I also believe he no longer has an active role in EWA.
  • He is but to warm at the moment phewww
    37C here today 

  • Thanks all, contact made! 
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