Retired old brain busy

Well I can,t stop thinking of designs.

So I am now keeping my retired old brain busy, the first is a SECA Twin Headphone Amp with two DAC,s
Then I will go back to my favourite non audio love, yes you guessed it chocolate, NO PSU designs working on a ultra low noise low impedance range. 3.3V,5V and + & -12V.
And a mains conditioner using a pure sine wave and a large analogue amp about 1KW. You can adjust the frequency 40-400Hz and the output voltage from 80VAC to 260VAC using the meters on the front. Plus a fixed 10ppm 50HZ switch.
Then on to special carbon fibre metal plating techniques, plating with Copper, Nickel and Gold.

All looking good so far and no magic smoke, nice.


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    I love it that you are so clearly unable to retire your creativity.
    At the same time, I appreciate she’s a relentless mistress! I hope that she gives you the occasional day off.
  • Situation normal at Wonfor Central, then :-)
  • That psu sounds nice for DACs or even the more sensitive parts of a music PC.
    "Digital lies" going straight? ;)
  • No Up Down Up Down or Zero One Zero One.
  • Digital lies? Tsk. Tsk. 
  • My thoughts are if you going to lie have big base to work on so digital lies need a good PSU to make a smaller FIB .
  • Does that make them Digital Small Untruths?
  • Digital fake news.
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    Oh very up to the moment there Ben.

    Some like to test or run in analogue equipment with White Noise....

    In this case should we use White Lies?

    Lies in white satin... Dada Dee dum Da daa..
  • Then you get "A Whiter Shade of NTSC" not PAL as in "Never The Same Color. 

  • I hope someone is writing all these down.
  • It's on the Interwebs. It will never die.
  • Just hanging on by a thread.
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