Art Of Drumming

I was alerted to this mini series on another forum. I guess UK dwellers can get this on the BBC iPlayer.
All my favourite kit drummers are there, it's a very enjoyable and interesting drumumentary.
If you are impressed by extreme technical ability check out the contributions from Thomas Lang, jaw dropping stuff.
Three of four episodes out already, highly recommended if percussion interests you and does a great job of demolishing the old drummer-is-not-a-musician chestnut.


  • Sounds great.
    Looks like it’s a Sky thing though, not BBC...? :-(
  • Ahhh yes, you're correct. I'm so used to watching via "those online sites" I loose track of the real source.
    Sorry for the misdirect.
    If you need a pointer pm me.
  • Hmm. Sky Arts, is it?

    There's some great stuff on that channel, but I still won't pay for anything Murdoch-related.
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