New mini kit

Hi yes it be me again.

In the next few days I post up bits for the new mini A/B 70W power Amp based on the M100 design but less.
I have made the kit cheap to produce but you will need to have steady hands
The 3 PCB will be about £90 a set, in the set you get two amp PCB and one split psu capacitor pcb.
With the the correct set up there will be a multitude of possible configuration.
From a Push Pull 15W A Class to 150 Mono Bridge Disco monster. You can have either FET or Transistor outputs your choice.
All you need to get is a chassis, heat sinks, transformer, terminal and components plus odd sundries.

All what you need will be on Chews and with more info for the brave on my SECA page.


  • Sounds good to me!
  • Sink me, Watt a great thread, who will have the Capacitance for Resistance?
    It may be Amping up the construction skills but one should Solder on to Induct ones self into the A Class of its own, club.

    Sorry, couldn't let it Pass....Nelson?

    What will be the max Aclass power guise?

  • Owwwww!!!!

    What are you on, Chris?
  • Whatever it is please don't indulge, the side effects are worrying. :p
  • Did this one end up on the cutting-room floor?
  • No I have been tired up with personal bits.
  • edited March 19
    Fair didgeridoos!

    Nothing too worrying I hope.
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