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  • Muchos apologeee pour le Van Halen
  • It's funny :)

    Listen to Hayseed Dixie doing Bohemian Rhapsody
  • going to do that right now Jim.  I'm going to learn lots from your playlist, thanks. Andy
  • And me from you mate.  The Mortal Coil track is superb.
  • It is magical isn't it.
  • There we go, my first contribution to the Audio Chews Interesting Covers playlist.

    So there are three of us subscribing. Where are the rest?
  • Nice one!  I'd forgotten they covered that.  I don't play Steely Dan that often.
  • You prodded me just at the right time :-)
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    Mark Kozelek /Sun Kil Moon
    'What's Next to the Moon' 2000, an acoustic album of covers of early AC/DC tracks.
    'Tint Cities' 2005, another acoustic album of Modest Mouse covers.
    Over the years solo, SKM or with Red House Painters he has covered Kiss, The Cars, Yes, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson and has performed John Denver songs live, who is one of his influences.
  • Blimey, I thought the song titles looked a bit familiar.  I'm not a big AC/DC fan but I do know some of their stuff.  Very brave, particularly how he's done them.

    Just checking out the Red House Painters now - again I'm aware of them but never heard much if any.
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    The two Mark Kozelek albums I would really recommend are:

    Sun Kil Moon 'April' 2008, try a YouTube search for Sun Kil Moon Blue Orchids.

    Red House Painters 'Old Ramon' (1997- released 2001), YouTube search Red House Painters Void.

    I have just about everything Mark Kozlek has done, but those two are my favourites.

    With his covers, if the original was loud then he tends to go acoustic, and vice-ser-versa, the latter not always a success, but I love his interpretations of loud songs. His covers leave the lyrics in tact, but the music is pretty liberal in how he performs it.
  • Cheers for that, seeking them out now.
  • 10000 Maniacs - I hope that I don't fall in love with you (Tom Waits)
    Can be found  on Step right up, the songs of Tom Waits

    Anthony - If it be your will 
    Can be found on Leonard Cohen, I'm your man

  • Love the Cat Power Dave, excellent stuff!
  • Yeah, it's OK, isn't it.

    I keep meaning to spend some more time with her stuff.
  • Way-hey!  Just noticed she's done a Dylan cover - very good taste.
  • Vitamin Dub – Custard Pie

    That could be sillier than the Dread Zeppelin covers.

    Maybe I should add them to the playlist?
  • Isn't it just!!

    You can hear his North East accent coming through - not sure if that's funny or not ?
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    No. I'm not sure it is either.

    But I think it's a worthy addition to the playlist :-)
  • Peter Sellars(Dr Strangelove) - "She Loves You"

    David Thomas & 2 Pale Boys - "Surf's Up"

    Wilson Pickett - "Hey Jude"

    Laura Nyro -  all of my fav. LP ever "Gonna Take a Miracle" + "Up on the Roof" & "Love on a Two Way Street" amongst many others

    Diana Ross - "Ain't no Mountain high enough"

    Otis Redding - "Papa's got a brand new bag"

    Grant Green - "We've only just begun"

    Bobby Womack - "I was checkin' out"

    Al Green "How do you mend a broken heart"



  • I think I only know the Diana Ross.

    Have you added them to our Spotify playlist?
  • JimJim
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    I love that Peter Sellers!  There's another version of him doing it as Olivier doing Henry V, but I can't find it.

    I've put Sellers doing Can't Buy Me Love on the covers list as well - which is just as funny.


    My mistake.  He does Hard Day's Night as Olivier.  I've put that on as well.
  • JimJim
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    Rufus Wainwright - Get Happy!

    Unfortunately not on Spoticus :(
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    I discovered the cover first. Or did I?

    Little Feat – On Your Way Down

    I am more familiar with the version on the recent Allen Tousssaint & Elvis Costello 'The River In Reverse' album, but most people know the Little Feat version. Funnily enough, it was actually written & recorded first by Allen Toussaint just a few months before Little Feat recorded it. Whichever version you hear, it is definitely born & bred in New Orleanz.

    Allen Toussaint – On Your Way Down
  • Just added a nice Imogen Heap cover by Jethro East.
  • Thanks Andy.

    Nice to see this thread being given a prod.
  • Hello Dave. I've been a bit out of kilter and non posty for a while. The original track is lovely and this cover is an energy packed dancy kind of thing which with my pop head on I like :-)
    I'm not pround.
  • Sorry to hear you've not been well. Are you OK now?

    I found the original, but can't find the cover as it doesn't seem to be on Spotti :-( It's made me want to reacquaint myself with Ms Heap, though. 
  • I added it to the spotify interesting covers playlist dave.
  • Ah no i didn't!  Bum.  I added it as a local file from my Mac.  Dave, I'll send you a link to the track, you're right it's not on Spotify.  I hadn't realised it worked on my local files...nosey thing.
  • You have to give it permission to have a ferret around.
  • hi fella's ,
    some very nice covers so far,,
    for me nouvelle vague's cover of 'too drunk to fuck '  ,by the dead kennedy's is superb, all of the first two nouvelle vague LP's are the best two cover LP's i have ever heard.
    all the best,

  • also for a bit of fun, The Easy Star All Stars ' dub side of the moon, and easy stars lonely hearts dub band , and radiodread,
    there is also dubber side of the moon although i haven't heard it yet,
    best regs,
  • Matt, I just took delivery of the Dubber Side and think it's superb.  
  • Added a few of those to the playlist.
  • Cool. Thanks Andy
  • Matt, 
    You stimulated me to also add some more ESAS from Radiodread.  Hope you enjoy.
  • Time to revive this thread, I think:

  • I just heard John Martyn's version of Glory Box, by Portishead. Veeery cool.
  • Bloody hell. I haven't heard that.

    Must have a look on Spotti to see if it's there.
  • I think it's on this 1998 album (so google tells me).


    It also has a cover of Strange Fruit, apparently (if you feel up to it).

    I heard the track on RadioParadise today, it was one of those "what is that?!" moments.
  • Mike Nesmith's ( & the First National Band ) cover of 'I Fall to Pieces' .
    Psych-Country at its best .

    Not just Monkeeing around, I really like this cover.
  • I think it's on this 1998 album (so google tells me).


    It also has a cover of Strange Fruit, apparently (if you feel up to it).

    I heard the track on RadioParadise today, it was one of those "what is that?!" moments.
    Thanks Alan

    I don't think I've even heard of that album.
  • I enjoyed listening to Cake's 'Fashion Nugget' yesterday, I haven't heard it in at least 15 years. It has 2 great covers on it, the first is 'I will survive' and it has super bassline. The other is a surpising version of Judy Garland's 'perhaps, perhaps, perhaps', and it works really well.
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