Re-capping etc Claymore Iss 6

Hi all

finally tracked down an Iss 6 with MC stage and just plugged it in. Oh dear! Lots of muffled sound, occasional loss of sound entirely, volume pot is ultra responsive (it doesn't provide near silence at zero, but is almost deafening at just above zero. It's a 5K version of the ALPS standard pot). This is the same on both CD and MC inputs. I've asked for a refund (from an ebay seller) and I'll see how that goes, but I wonder if what I have described is the norm for power cap failure (they are Rubicon 63V 4700uF). 

Thanks in advance for any help



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    Wouldn't hurt as service items but I doubt it's your problem.
    More likely either an existing fault or a bash during transit has compromised the solder joints of the vol pot to the board, probably the earth pins.
    Unless you want to settle a partial refund from the seller and take your chances with it, I'd just reject it for a full refund and continue searching.
    Plus, I think the standard pot was 10k? Mine has a non standard 50k in it.
  • I tend to agree.
    unless you can identifify the problem(s) it seems risky.
    Any reply from seller as yet?
  • Yup. It's refund time, unless the seller clearly labelled it as 'for parts'. 
  • Dear all

    thanks for the replies. I got a full refund and am still looking. Anyone with a Claymore, including MC stage, for sale? Meanwhile, I am listening to a decent Cyrus 2, which also has a pretty good MC phono. Does anyone have experience of the Claymore vs Cyrus 2?

  • It's all down to personal taste of course buuuuuuuut.....I find both Cyrus models rather shouty and brash. Certainly up to the Mk3, after that no real experience. Needing mellow speakers to balance the sound some.
    A Claymore has a Cyrus (1 or 2) beat in all departments, no ifs, no buts.

  • What he said.

    Cyruses were never to my taste at all. Nasty things! (IMHO, YMMV etc).
  • That's clear then - I'll keep looking for a Claymore

  • Adrian,

    I still have a few demo EWA Claymore,s for sell and new.

    Best Col 
  • Hi Col

    you have mail!

  • Hi Colin

    how much are you after for the EWA Claymore, ex-demo?

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