USB cables...

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...Unimportant consideration, or vital-lose-sleep-over-until-shelling-out-loads-of-cash component...?


  • Well, i’m hoping it’s the latter now.
    Found one of Colin’s old Graphite 1.5m ones floating about in the ether and picked it up for £250 delivered.
    Will see what difference it offers when it arrives...
  • The way I read it, it depends. 

    On the hardware.

    I'd be interested to know your experiences.
  • uglymusic said:
    The way I read it, it depends. 

    On the hardware.

    I'd be interested to know your experiences.
    I will certainly post my take when the Graphite arrives. :-)
    It maybe that the cable that came with the Essence One, and that I’m currently using, is “good enough”.
    if so, it’ll be the first time that I’ve felt that a Wonfor product isn’t a keeper.
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    Surprisingly the package arrived (from Holland) yesterday. (Wasn’t expecting it till after Xmas.)
    Initial impressions are that the Wonfor Graphite is better. And, having swapped back and forth a few times between it and the freebie cable that came with the Essence One, I’d say the difference is not insignificant.
    With the freebie cable, the system sounds more vague and approximate, and with the Graphite things are more exactly honed; tonally and spatially noises are resolved to a finer degree. There is less overall sonic signature to the system; less smearing between the individual personalities of different instruments.
    With the Graphite in place, subjectively there seems to be greater extension and greater sweetness to the high frequencies. Somehow the treble has more energy AND more smoothness. Each individual sound is wrapped up in its own clearly distinct package. (Dave take note: The shapes of percussive events are very pleasing.)
    I’m left thinking about how a system-sound that just a couple of days ago I was very happy with, I now hear as *relatively* flat and engaging. Hey-ho onward and upward...! Things have certainly moved on apace in the past few weeks with the overhaul of my digital front end!
    (I have not blind tested the Wonfor Graphite USB v the freebie USB, if I do so, I will feed back.)
  • I’m wondering what technical explanations are available for subjective sonic differences between asynchronous computer data cables...?
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