Nice review from Glenn

Thank you Glenn for allowing us to use your lovely write up on the Q20.

Hi Colin

That was a most unexpected phone call Saturday afternoon but a very pleasant one and it was great chatting with you .

So as promised I thought I would drop you a line and let you know my first impressions of the EWA Q20 I have to say from the first song played ‘ it had me ‘ I am currently using it with a DIY set of open baffle speakers I made about a year and half ago so I know what the speakers are capable of or (so I thought) the Q20 has an amazing grip on these speakers and has brought a bottom end response from them that quite frankly shocked me in a good way of course.
I always thought of them as bass light but with a really sweet mid /top end but Q20 has really gripped the bass response and filled it out lovely whilst controlling the mid and top end they are now really beginning to make me sit up and take note me this is one impressive amp the clarity and control of this amp is really stunning along with being really musical I am writing this whilst listening and I have to keep stopping to listen to what is being reproduced here.
The more I listen the better it gets I think I may be here sometime the level of quality is fantastic piano’s sound like piano’s every note is sharp precise and detailed the stereo image is superb snare drums sound alive but real no splashy overtones here oh no and I am very aware that this is using just cheap old Naim speaker cable I had hanging around .
I cannot wait for the LS25 speaker cable to be available I will be purchasing some of that if it’s this good now how will that affect proceedings .
Having had just a couple of hours in front of this amp I cannot wait to hear more I am sure there is far more to come from this journey and I cannot wait to get more time in front of the system as you said in our conversation do not be fooled by the size of this amp .
You where not just whistling dixie there Colin the performance from this little amp is massive at the moment I am just listening to radio paradise for a varied selection of music to see what the amp does with it and as the music changes and each song is played I am further and further impressed .
Glad to be what I now know will be a proud owner of this little gem .
Thank You Colin.


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