New NAS drive

edited February 2019 in Digital
I splashed out on a lovely new NAS. A Synology DS218 Plus, the most powerful two-drive NAS enclosure made by the guys from Taiwan.

Currently containing two 4TB Seagate GrayWolf NAS hard drives, it comes with 2GB RAM (expandable to 6 or 8. Can't remember which) and has an Intel Celeron processor of some kind. It'll do video transcoding on the fly, run more audio and video streams than we need and run Bliss, Plex, local and cloud backup programs, apps for my business, yadda yadda yadda...

And the old one is still going strong into its ninth year. It was just running out of puff. Syno gives you a nice backup program to (amongst many other options) back up one NAS to another. I'll run the old enclosure until it finally dies. Used for backup, the speed (or lack) of the old drive doesn't matter. If it goes bang in the short term, I'll replace it with something secondhand; if it's a bit longer and I'm feeling flush, I'll replace the 218+ with something more powerful, again. I'll then use the 218+ for backup.


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