Sme 3009 amd Garrard 401

Hello all. 

I need a little help. I need to get a stylus for my newly purchased Garrard 401 with a 3009 SME arm. I have the possibility of MM and MC on my amp (Linn intek) and wondered if anyone has a suggestion as to what stylus to buy. I didn’t want to spend more than £250 and need some help from the experts here  :)

thanks Newbee Alan aka Enersha 


  • Hi.
    Long time since I bought a cart...
    I used to like Dynavectors as mid pricers, but they seem to have gone up a lot in price. :-(
    Something by Ortofon perhaps...?
    Others here are probably better placed.
  • Thanks that’s great. I have an ortofon red at the moment so could swap it over and upgrade the needle. But any help would be great. 
    Cheers again 
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    The Ortofons should be fine. The old fave was the Shure V15 so the modern Shure 97 would be a hereditary match.
    Another I've seen recommended ( No direct experience) is the Audio Technica VM540ML.

    Just avoid carts. that require a high mass arm.
    Fortunately,  the phono stage on the Intek is it's best feature so no worries there.

  • Sounds like some great options. Thinking of going with the Shure. If I can get it for a good price. 
    Really appreciate the advise. 

  • I recall using a goldring 1042 on my 401/3009 combo and being impressed that a relatively low price cart could sound so great. Been yonks since I used this setup though as I needed to relegate some of my equipment to storage. I use a clear audio ebony virtuoso which I can’t ever imagine replacing-detailed and incredibly natural. 
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