VarIous bits going on sale

Hi all. I’m clearing out some of bits and pieces that I’ve been holding on to for sentimental reasons. I’ve run out of space and had to make some decisions, here it goes:

1) 1995 Pioneer a300 precision is very nice cosmetic nick, controller, all working but not serviced.

2) Early ear 834p, very nice condition, not yet serviced.

3) stax Quattro 2- very nice conditions overall but a mark on right corner that could be dealt with by a deft hand. This has what I assume to be hum from one of the 4 transformers so would need a service to bring it to spec. 

4) mission 750les with atacama se24 strands-ok condition, couple of marks but would suit workshop system or set up for the kids etc. 

Thought I’d offer here first as I’d genuinely rather an enthusiast got these for their own use. Not planning to put put this up anywhere else for a while do let me know if you want to know more/pics etc. 

All the best, Kristian


  • Good luck, Kristian.
  • Yes, the stax in particular will be a labour of love. Happy to give it away to be honest. The pioneer is an excellent amp though and quite viable with low cost recap. As I said, if there is any interest at it would be better than taking them to the tip. 

  • All sold. Thanks to those who pm’d me. 
  • Great news.
    And thanks for the update.
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