Lumin app up the swannee. I've called in the Grand (Linn) Kazoo

I've been using the Lumin app on iOS as the control point in my DLNA Home/UPnP setup for some time. For some reason, it's been getting very temperamental over recent weeks, so I've had to drop it. 

Cripes! I've always hated the alternative on iOS - the Linn Kazoo app. But trying over the weekend, I see the chaps from Scotland have done wonderful things while I wasn't looking.

If you're having with the Lumin app, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Kazoo app these days.


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    And now... all is back to how it was. On iPhone and iPad. 

    Kazoo must have updated - it can't see any of my DLNA renderers (of which there are five or six scattered around the house). But Lumin is back working again. Again, presumably updated.

    It worries me how Linn and Lumin can bugger up their apps in this way. I just hope they don't both f*** up their apps at the same time.
  • Fingers crossed!

    (I don’t remember any of these problems with those old vinyl disc thingies...)
  • But there was all that tracking and alignment jiggery-pokery.
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