ISS Claymore

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I have a Claymore for sale. Recently serviced and upgraded.

This is an early iss version in generally excellent condition. I have had the amp since around 1995-the amp had upgraded rca inputs for CD and new volume pots at the time. The phono stage is moving magnet.

In November 2018 it had an extensive service by Colin Wonfor with many parts upgraded. The following work was done:

4 new mosfet and ceramic washers.

4 10,000uF caps.

4 6 amp diodes.

1 LED (green) replacement.

Assorted upgrade capacitors.

Fixed resistors in pre PSU.

New PCB mounts.

Checked terminals and tested.

Upgraded screen cable on phono section.

The buyer should be aware that:

Cosmetically the amp is generally lovely but does have some light marking in places (nothing serious).

The headphone output has an audible hum at volume-this is thought to be attributed to the early Claymore design not having a resistor in line on the headphone output stage.

There is a slight crackle on the source selector pot, but nothing serious. 

Please PM if you are interested. The upgrades cost me over £200 so to paraphrase Sonny Boy Williamson let your conscience be your guide on what your offer. 


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