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Had a few spare moments over Xmas to tend to my setup.
Nothing major, but I do feel better connected with the old gal’ now.
One thing I’ve got on top of is exploring “Radio JRiver”.
This is a FLAC (yes FLAC!) steaming service made available by JRiver since the relatively recent release of MC24. Afaik it’s only available to users of JRiver MC24 and 25.
There are 4 “stations” (Classical, jazz, Rock and “eclectic”). License fees are paid by JRiver, donations are requested but not mandatory.
I’ve listened mainly to the jazz stream so far. All good. Lots of variety (nothing too ugly so far), with loads of good trad’ stuff yesterday.
What’s prompted me to post is the sound quality. Absolutely tip-top. I’d be hard pressed tell the difference between the lossless stream and locally stored FLAC files on my hard drive.
JRiver has also worked with Radio Paradise to get a direct FLAC stream of their radio supported stations to MC. This is also of wonderfully listenable quality (somehow Radio JRiver sounds even better to me tho, maybe Radio Paradise compresses things a bit....? Also I’ve had a few glitches with Radio Paradise today).
Any way some new hifi listening options to kick off the new year!

Edit: Radio Paradise glitches may have been due to my WiFi. Since plugging the lappy into the router with a cable all has been glitch-free.


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    Some domestic disagreements over which station to play today...
  • Sweet setup, loving the acousticat! 

    I'm not a JRiver user, or else is all over this. BTW, RP streams are completely unmolested with only minimal compression applied when absolutely necessary. I'll try and find where Bill G explains this.
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