Snakeoil OS

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Just tripped over Snakeoil OS.

It's a Linux distro you appear to be able to install on just about any hardware to give you almost out-of-the-box digital playback.

The thing that brought me here was that it seems to have minimserver (the Rolls-Royce of DLNA servers) already installed. I use minimserver on my NAS box and have done for years, now.

Snakeoil OS might make a nice little project for someone with a spare PC and some hard disks.


  • Interesting prospect Dave.

    I'm having a rejig with computers at the moment and there is a fair chance I'll end up with a spare cobbled one that could be good for experimentation, assuming I have the will to fiddle more after this lot!
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    Let us know how you get on. I don't think Snakeoil OS will need much in the way of hardware to run happily.

    It seems there's an RPi version somewhere in the works, too.
  • I spent an idle hour reading up on this, some of the earlier threads by the developer were interesting to read as the project progresses (he seems a pretty cool guy). I think it's an excellent project, one that almost makes me want to get the hardware to play around. 

    Of course, I'd much rather read about someone else doing it, thus allowing for extended procrastination!
  • It does seem very cool. I spent almost as long as you reading the site.

    It suffers from the same disease many open source projects do - not telling you what you want to know without spending a lot of time reading!
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