BT Scam Warning

Hello friends, BT Scam Warning.
Today I had call on our unlisted Telephone Number from a Spam Group stating that they were BT and the Internet would be closed within the next 24Hrs and dial 1 to fix it, having seen this crap before I called Plusnet my provider and asked them if this was correct, I was told it was scam and thank God I never called them. SO BEWARE ALL PLEASE call you provider on another number not the number that called you.


  • From Jamie
    ""I don't answer calls at home from numbers I don't know, but at work today, I answered a colleagues phone, as he was out of the office, and it went something like this:

    Me: Hello, Ian's phone.
    Him: Hello sir, I am calling from BT, and I have to tell you that your internet connection has been compromised.
    Me: Oh dear, that is a shame.
    Him: I need you to urgently do something on your computer.
    Me: ok.
    Him: Are you at your computer?
    Me: Yes.
    Him: Can you see the control key on your keyboard?
    Me: Which one is the control key?
    Him: It has CTRL written on it.
    Me: Yes, I see it.
    Him: What key is next to it?
    Me: Fn.
    Him: Next to FN is a key with 4 little squares on it, that is the Windows key. Do you see it?
    Me: Yes.
    Him I need you to press... (where he gave me a key combination that I can't remember).
    Me: Sorry, I can't do that.
    Him: Why?
    Me: I only have one finger.
    Him: (he then repeated the original keystroke request).
    Me: (shouting a bit) I told you I only have one finger. I can only press one key at a time.
    Him: No problem sir. Please go to Google screen and type 'what is my IP'.
    Me : OK.
    Him: What can you see?
    Me: A message.
    Him: What is the message?
    Me: It says 'you are being scammed by an Indian call centre. It is very bad to scam people with only one finger'.
    Him: You say you only have one finger, sir?
    Me: Yes.
    Him: Can you do one thing for me? Take your finger and stick it up your a**e.
    Me: Thankyou and goodbye.

    These people can be so rude!""
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