Interesting talk on full range transducers


I run inefficient two way speakers with powerful amps, like most of us. The rounding off a project to restore my Garrard 301 prompted questions of how we used to produce sound in the times of lore. I unwittingly went down a rabbit hole where low power valve amps and horn speakers lurk around every corner. Probably going to do a frugelhorn build as a result-I’ll need to ask col to put a lock on the volume pot of my claymore so I don’t cook them in the 1st five minutes of use. My reason for posting is to share this fascinating video on full range transducer design:

hope you enjoy it!


  • This is a rabbit hole I've danced around the lip of on and off for years without actually falling down it.

    I good horn loudspeaker - of which there are one or two around, amongst a crowd of honking coloured monstrosities - is a fabulous thing.

    I'll try to find the time later to watch the video in between deleting all the f*****g spam.
  • Thanks for that.
    I’ve been through a lot of the video. Interesting.
    It’s been a long time since I heard anything like that. Would be good to hear what they can do.
  • @phorize I bookmarked lots of material about Frugelhorns a few years back but never did anything about it. The Frugelhorn kits that have popped up since then look as if even I may be able to put them together.

    I've been wanting to hear my 30W SECAs through a horn for some time.

    Have you heard a Frugelhorn?
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    I don’t think that I’ve ever heard a horn speaker actually. I’ve looked at bit further into horn design (at least the driver side of things). Looks like generally there are a lot of trade offs with Single driver designs. But Mark Fenton claims to have engineered them away, at least in part, in my room I wouldnt need to go below 50hz, but the frequency response off axis matters a lot in my small room in the lower ranges. Full range drivers are allegedly have a narrow axis, which may be an advantage in my small room. The frugel horn is tempting....

    I may try and find one to
    listen to. 
  • Have you heard one?
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    My friend Justin has built the pencil-horn derivative and loves it in his apartment. I must go visit him soon..

    Stefan, who posts as Orangeart over on pfm runs a business supplying these and frugal horns as kits, with CNC cut wood panels ready to assemble at very reasonable rates. Seems a really decent chap from what I've read.

    Different driver and crossover options are available too, I think. The whole concept makes so much sense to me, especially for smaller rooms.
  • I've heard a lot of horns, from small ones like the Frugelhorn (but never a Frugelhorn) up to crazy things the size of a large wardrobe and so on.

    At their best - and driven by a decent amp - there's a fantastic level of life and involvement. And please avoid Lowther drivers! :-:smile:

    I had a pair of Impulse H6s for a while, driven by a pair of large tranny monoblocks. They were fun. Not perfect from an audiophile POV, but great on an involvement and noise level.

    I've been wanting to try my tranny SECAs with a single driver horn, in particular. I like the minimalism.

    @Alan. Yes, I've been looking at those Frugelhorn kits for a while.
  • Owned the full spectrum of speakers, and final decided esl was right for me. Another advantage imho opinion is less need for crazy amps. The very reason for looking for a Claymore, plus it will be breathed on by the man himself  :D
  • Yeah, I respect your choice, Chris. But, personally, I don't think I could live with them. 
  • 989 no lack off bass and certainly not disjointed. 
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    I spent a bit of time with some 57 and adored them. Would love a stacked pair...
  • 57 63 989 for me all do something brilliantly. 989 the best for me because off the extention of frequency response. I think the later models became more rigid which wasn't necessarily what Peter Walker wanted in the original design maybe wrong obviously. 
  • Yeah. It’s a personal thing. 

    Maybe I’ve never heard them with the right gear, but they’ve never done it for me. 
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