Bugs and Thugs

Here in London all schools now closed, but some super markets open special times to allow the disabled and old folk to buy food.

So Thursday I got to our super market (TESCO) to find a long line of younger folk not disabled and all the disable parking spaces filled with big German cars none of which had disable badges. Then a huge Merc pull up and four Asian men got out and got two Trolleys each and push themselves to the front of the line, nearly knocking me of my sticks as the rushed past. The time then was 6.10AM doors still not opened, more cars came and the line of young healthy humans (or where they) was around this massive building and across the street. At this point with mask and gloves I left. Driving home via my sister in laws home I found her local corner shop open with no massive line of nasty humans just me and two others. I got nearly everything we needed for that day and paid maybe £2.00 extra. So special time for the vulnerable as our PM said to do safe shopping is crap. today I went to our local store it is called Tom,s and got butter and milk for today no problem.

We are not going back to a big store for a long time,they are just bug and thug spreaders.


  • Support smaller businesses, I say.

    You've given me another reason to dislike Tesco, Col.
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