Building an amplifier do the first time

Good morning,

I’m increasing keen to build my own amplifier. I have school boy electronics knowledge and learned to solder in a technical job 28 years ago, but haven’t done it since. I know there are people who build here, so I’m seeking opinions on where to start build wise. Col didn’t say as much but I’m sure he thought that he’d have a fatality on his conscience if he sold me an m100 kit  ;)


  • Ha!
    Col prides himself on the number of fatalities his designs can achieve. 

    Are you looking to build from scratch? I went for the ready made boards option and did OK without any genuine electronics experience.
  • You could try something easier like a CMOY headphone amplifier. You can make these on veroboard or even point to point.
    It also gives a little understanding on how the circuit and components work.
    Plenty of stuff online for this and cheap as chips.
    It would be nice to have a Colin kit to get on with right now, unfortunately watching the pennies for obvious reasons.
  • Yup. Colin's your man, and you get advice and support all the way through. 

    Build something hot (class A single ended) or something more sophisticated... He can do partly built for you as well. 

    I've still got two boards for a big SECA which Colin could you with. I'm not using them...
  • 15/25W SECA PCB still in stock some built ready for heatsinks and transformer and power devices to be soldered.
  • I love my Wonfor SECAs. They're a generation behind the kits, but kick out a few more watts and have had Colin's magic touch run over them a couple of times.

    Build a SECA (or two!).

    And post your journey on Chews for help and interest.
  • Thanks all, very much appreciated. Colin I’ll email you. 
  • phorize said:
    Thanks all, very much appreciated. Colin I’ll email you. 
    OK looking forward to it.
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