New claymore/old claymore

Just wondering-what are the design differences between The 2 claymores. I lived with the iss claymore for about 25 years, Col serviced it and it’s now with my dad. I have the ewa version, which certainly sounds like progression. I’ve had never had a look under the hood though. How close to the original is ewa version?


  • Did you have a chance to compare them side by side?
  • Strangely no,  and I wish I had!
  • Under hood, new PCB bigger transformer, not FET same basic design as the Q20 with more power and pre out. New up to date components, a super version of the Phono stage. But the same family of sound.
  • phorize said:
    Strangely no,  and I wish I had!

    Time to borrow the iss one from your Dad before we get deeper into lockdown!
  • Too late, he’s self isolating with a newly refurbed thorens td 150 and a load of records. 
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