Abdullah Abrahim-Sotho Blue

Streaming a cd ripped flac, near field  p3esrs (1.5 metres from each ear) cranked up on the Ewa  claymore feeling bloody glad I didn’t sell it B)


  • That is one hell of a headphone rig!
  • Sure is. The harbeths do remarkably well with the claymore in my small room-treating them as big headphones is the way to go. Obvious bass is lacking, but the grunt in the claymore leads to surprising  scale. I was thinking about getting some m30.2s to get down to 50hz, below that would be pointless in my room. I’d strongly recommend the claymore for any inefficient small speaker though.  
  • Abdullah Ibrahim! One of my all-time favourite musicians.

    I've seen him live countless times.

  • One of Mr Ibrahim's masterpieces, IMHO.

    Streaming my CD rip on my NAS drive to the Sonos Ones on my desk.

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