Mad CDP idea...

I've often thought it would be nice to have an aesthetically perfect match CDP for the Claymore amp.
Although I currently have my Meridian 506.24 partnered, which is at least a size match, I would not dream (nightmare) of pulling it to bits ( haha ) to reset into a DIY case to match the Claymore.
However, is there an affordable (2nd hand) but decent CDP out there, that is already a small format design, which may also be working but visually challenged?
I could then either make a case or even find a ravaged Claymore, to transfer all the guts into.
This is the first time in years that I would actually have the time to attack such a project, hence it's resurgence....


  • Ah.
    Lockdown is bringing out the inner Heath Robinson in you too.

    Great goal!
    Would you consider DVD and Bluray players? I did find they made good transports. Some of those seem to be made pretty narrowly.
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    Good thinking, Ben!
    Or a Raspberry Pi with one of the better on-board DACs, and a CD/DVD drive, perhaps?
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    I had given the Pi some thought but the DVD is an ingredient that hadn't occurred to me.
    The drawback of the Pi is adding all the fiddly items like a display and manual controls, a donor player would have these already, programmed and ready to go.
    A transport only would also be fine as I have several DACs.
    Hmmmmmm, more thinking, thinking, thinking...
  • Maybe a phone or tablet app would work instead of having to set up displays and so on?
  • Yeah I hear you but wanted an old school look to match the Claymore. Even thought of a name already.....Rapier B)
  • Of course.

    Silly idea for the chop! (sorry, don't want to start another one of those :# )
  • Remembered I had a cheapie DVD player in cupboard.
    Opened it up and it would be very easy to use, complete with audio out, coaxial out and optical! However, the display is tiny and very basic, the search continues....
  • Kind of Claymore-era, you mean?
  • Aye, it doesn't need to be stonking SQ, just decent and given to recasing into Claymore format.
  • So you're going with the DVD player? Something else?
  • Undecided, hanging out for an appropriate donor from either format.
  • There'll be one along in a moment, sir! :)
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