Snell j11

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Just finished restoring the cabs on these Snells. Really pleased as they had been reveneerd as well as painted black. The result is back to the original walnut



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    On some stands🤣🤣

  • Like new!
    You're a craftsman.
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    chrisb said:
    Great work, Chris.
    If you want to post any more pics, here's how to do it:
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  • They look so nice, well done! I bet they sound just great.
  • Work nice with the Claymore Alan👌
  • Nice to hear, my friend! But beyond cleaning, I did very little to it... Colin deserves the credit. 

    With those Snells and the Claymore you'll have a really beautiful vintage system there, probably older than I am (and certainly sounds better than I)!
  • DSC-0123 DSC-0138 DSC-0115

    I'll put some up prior to removing the veneer, definitely needed removing. 
  • You did a really good job on these. They look brilliant :)
  • DSC-0157
    Now on decent stands with expensive room treatment behind them😂

  • chrisb said:
    Now on decent stands with expensive room treatment behind them😂

    Are they preferred to the expensive room treatment?
  • Yes. How do they sound?
    Are you doing any internal work...?
  • Sound pretty good to be honest even compared to the 989"s measured the resistors etc and they were fine. So all good. 
  • The last time I heard Snell Js, they were driven by Audio Innovations monoblocks.
  • Popular combo back in the day. Peter Snell designed some cracking speakers. 3rd pair I've owned..Considering  the price differential the snell's are brilliant. 
  • Once a Snell fan, always a Snell fan :-)
    I respect them and could definitely live with them, but I don't own any... If you see what I mean.
  • Just the same with Royds for me, listened to them at Sound Advice in Loughborough many times in the 80's but owned briks at the time. 
  • Oh, Royds are a bit of a Marmite speaker, for sure.
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