Still messing with Logitech Media Server

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Since @phorize mentioned he'd moved from streaming from a server to playing from an SSD attached to his allo usbridge signature player, I've had an itch that needed scratching. You see, piCorePlayer enables you to run LMS on the same RPi so you can plug in a USB drive and operate the thing locally - at least, I hope they're not sending the stream all around the network. That would be mad, wouldn't it?
I'm using a previously discarded 2TB WD USB 2 drive, and just to get me going, copied my 'A' music directory to it.
The setup works and sounds good. I don't know if it's any better than streaming over the network, I'll do some comparisons.
For the moment, I still have the music library and LMS on my Syno - all the other players around the house are being driven by that. My idea is to maintain a centralised LMS library on the Syno and sync it with the library on piCorePlayer. I haven't yet got that up and running, but i have some software on my Mac that should do that with no problems. Did someone say 'Famous last words'?


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    Nah, there's no advantage in having my music on the USB drive, locally.
    The sound might be even slightly better over Ethernet - noise from the drive being sent down USB? I don't know.
    Second gotcha. The RPi3 is underpowered for my library size (can't remember where I found confirmation that I need an RPi4 for my 60,000+ files) and struggles indexing and even finding particular tracks and covers.
    LMS is altogether happier on the NAS drive with its Celeron processor and 10GB of RAM.
    Itch scratched!
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