LS40 measured data

OK a 3M length measure as below:-

Capacitance at 3 metres = 100pF Each single conductor red or black
Inductor on each single conductor is 3.3uH at 3 Metres
Leakage/Common Mode inductance Less Than 0.9uH at 3 Metres
Resonant frequency a single conductor red or black 15MHz at 3 Metres
Total Resonant frequency in normal use i.e. 8 Ohm load is 8.76MHz at 3 Metres.
Longer length will have more capacitance/inductance and the resonant frequency will reduce.
The loading on the amp is very very small and at audio frequency would not be noticeable i.e. 10Hz to 25KHz
Phase change from input to output at 100KHz was less than 1Deg.

TQ and most others would not publish this info.


  • Thank you, Col.
    Serious question: How can I make use of this data?
  • Yep but all the mag article are always complaining no spec especially for TQ. Now no excuse. 
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