Hello from London

Good evening from a new member.

I have a keen interest in old (40xx series) Beograms and Beomasters (pre 1990) but I've just been given an Inca Tech Claymore which sounds great.   In daily use is a Meridian MCD player that is still working!

Loudspeakers: Mission 760s and lots of repaired Beovox boxes.

I collect vinyl, mostly classical but some jazz.




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    Hello Simon

    Welcome! AC is a lovely little forum, a bit quiet but plenty of character. Unlike our hi-fi systems! We hope you'll like it.

    Colin Wonfor posts here, he is the designer of your amp. When he comes along I'm sure you'll get some good advice.

    Where in London are you? Colin is East London, and I'm down below in East Sussex. There an eBay seller in my town who seems big into B&O, I've noticed.
  • Hi Simon

    Welcome to Chews. I'm Dave and I try to keep the cogs oiled.

    I'm the owner of a pair of old Missions in my second system. They're the last remaining speaker from my reviewing days. Must have something going for them! 
  • Hi Simon,
    Which Beovox do you have...?
  • Hi all,

    That'll be QDA in Hailsham I would guess.  They are reliable and price stuff sensibly unlike some of the Ebay buccaneers.

    As for Beovox, I've got 1702s, S45-2s, S55s and a pair of S120s. 

  • To late you are stuck here now Simon Dave never lets anybody leave.
  • Thought I'd be cast into the wilderness for having too much B&O.
  • We can't smell it over the internet. 🥴
  • Alan said:
    We can't smell it over the internet. 🥴

    You got there first, Alan! :#
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