WTF happened here...?

Have been selling off a few odds and sods.
Included these rather excellent Monacor tweeters set in their fetching wave guides.

I stored them for a couple of weeks facing each other to protect the diaphragms.

When they'd been bought I got them out to pack them and noticed that this had happened...

I can only imagine it's something to do with the opposing magnetic fields of the magnets...?
Nothing has physically touched the diaphragms as the waveguides were separating them by a few inches.

It's not a disaster. But I'd sold them for £27, so it is annoying. Obviously I had to refund the buyer.


  • Not a clue, Ben. That is weird.
  • It is weird.
    The tweeters have been sitting in their cabinets for years and were pristine when I took them out a couple of weeks ago.
    I can only think its having the 2 facing each other with their magnets behind them. But I wouldn't have thought the diaphragms themselves were magnetic.
    Come on clever science people. Explain it!
  • You have inadvertently created two Dysons spheres.

    Honestly, no idea. They look like sprouts.

    But probably taste better.
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