Mini monitors sound like...small speakers

Shouldn't have been surprised really...
A friend who'd been borrowing these for a few years returned them yesterday.
I couldn't resist plugging them in.

I think they're the basic JPW mini monitors...?
OK for the size I suppose. The things I miss most are the dynamics and scale I'm used to.
Not much bass, and the HF extension is a bit lacking, but I could live without those aspects more easily.
I have some JPW Monitor Golds which are a bit better.
These basic ones will go back in the loft.


  • Should point out I'm not having a go there.
    The mini monitors are tiny and probably cost peanuts.
    Just sayin' like...
  • I haven't had a pair of big speakers for many a long year. No size envy at Rosam Towers o:)
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