My £2.89 tweak - I think

I have always used equipment supports which have provided albeit marginal improvements in sound quality. Not night and day improvements but still worth the effort. I have recently being using acrylic supports like Q silencers and Musicworks supports and stumbled across these on eBay 

These at £2.89 delivered do work for me sharpening up the edges and a little cleaner in general. Just put some under the ID25 with nice effects. Would be interested to hear anyone else who can afford to try them just to me sure I am not losing the hifi plot 😀


  • Ooh. I have some different washing machine supports destined for under the monoblocks. Maybe I should be trying football supports(!) instead.
  • What you can wash clothes with SECA amps as well cook your dinner ? Well 1'll go the bottom of our stairs !  
  • You can dry them, you know. Just hang your smalls by the heatsinks.
  • This post has realised how poor I feel...!
    Normally I would accept Merv's challenge.
    But 5 months of schools being closed and the loss of half my contracts means I am literally counting the pennies...
    Once I've got myself on a surer footing, I will get me some... :-)
  • It is really tough at the moment. 
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