Royd disaster averted

Having owned my Royd RR1's for many years and carefully tried to avoid blowing them up disaster struck at the weekend. My amp overheated and took out one of the drivers. Frantic searching for a few days turned up a $200 replacement on ebay watched as a last resort. Undeterred I recalled today that Joe Ackroyd sold all his spares to a small hifi retailer Phonography. A few googles later I found them here and spoke with Phil. Yes he still had RR1 drivers at £75 each a bargain and should arrive by end of the week. 

But unfortunately they have no tweeters or any RR3 spares Dave. RR3 use different drivers apparently ( RR1's and RR2's use same drivers ). 


  • Thanks, Mervyn

    I was aware of that bad news. And still, I play reggae through them! 
  • Glad you averted your disaster, BTW.

    Which amp went into meltdown?
  • There's an old thread on here about identifying Revelation tweeters. I actually put a new pair into my RR3 and restored the HF output. I also bought the final RR3 driver from Phil at Phonography.

    There's also someone on pfm (coltrane) selling a used RR2 driver IIRC.
  • There is, indeed, Alan. I'd forgotten about that.
    I had a period when I worried about blowing up my RR3s and not being able to replace the drivers, but I just decided to enjoy them all the time I can.
    If and when I get round to building the horn kits I've been thinking about (anyone got any spare cash for a deserving cause?), I'll move the RR3s into the second system (if I like the horns more, of course).
  • Thanks Alan. The PFM guy selling the Royd driver for £150 is I am sure the same one selling on ebay. 
    I also managed to track down 2 NOS tweeters for the RR1 here
    The originals are very quiet I suspect due to the oil drying up, They are pretty cheap French ones by AUDAX used in some earlier Royd speakers ( A7 ?) and not the larger Vifa ones used in the RR2 and 3's. 
  • Eek.
    Pleased you got a replacement!
    It wasn't the id25 was it..?
  • No that working fine, lead fault and produced RF at high power frying Zobel and driver.
    Upgrade speaker terminals, and put RF chassis filter to stop the next upset.
    Also fitted IEC socket looks good. 

  • Ben not the ID25 as Col says but a Sugden A21 I had in the loft for some time and stupidly tried on the Royds.
    The ID25 has been at Wonfor Towers for a MOT and head mechanic Col has been doing his stuff. He only lives 20 minutes from me in East London which is a bit close if he has another major blow up 😉

  • Blast radius will annihilate you at that range.
    Relieved that my old boy is behaving.
  • Ok ID25 passed it's MOT and sounding great again.
    Col also managed to 'find ' another 16W so it is now an ID 41. It was all Quickies work on the refurb fitting it with a super large 750va transformer etc and an added bonus.  
  • Did quickie notify the dvla about that...?
  • Lotsa watts!
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