M100 TS

About a month or so ago I took delivery of a special version of Colin’s M100 Turbo amp that incorporates feed forward error correction.   I nicknamed it the Turbo S (for Sense) and Colin seemed to like that as he has adopted it.    You can read more about the amp on Alan”s website.  Unless Colin has recently built others I believe there are only 2 of these amps currently in existence.
When I first turned the amp on there a very loud bang and a miniature mushroom cloud billowed up from the amp.   Just messin with yer, it of course behaved perfectly.   Initially I wanted to try the amp without the Sense circuitry in play,  Now for reasons I won’t bore you with I am currently using some very Cheap and mediocre Acoustic Energy speakers.   Even so it was immediately apparent that this was an outstanding amplifier.  It is extremely transparent and renders timbres beautifully.   It also exerts total control of the woofers so as to produce clean and tuneful bass without any bloom or overhang - and that’s  on mediocre speakers remember.

After a couple of weeks of using it in that mode I connected the Sense circuitry to the speakers.   Was there much difference?  You bet there was.   The first thing I noticed was that there was a blacker background.  Now I know that’s a bit of a cliche but its the best way I describe it.  Then i noticed that this additional clarity and pureness of sound spanned the entire audio spectrum.   It was like a layer of hash had been removed.   Now don’t get me wrong - the amp sounded supremely transparent without the Sense circuitry in play, it was only when I connected the Sense wires that I realised there was another level to go to.  And the last thing I will mention is the bass.   Incredibly it got even better - its so deep and realistic sounding.

In summary, I am so pleased I bought this amp.  I actually feel privileged to own it and I can’t wait to hear it driving some decent speakers.


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