My Royd RR3 clones

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My project to convert my Royd Merlins ( bookshelf version of Minstrels ) to clone RR3's is complete !

As I mentioned in my previous thread I bought an extra couple of RR1 drivers from Phil at Phonography and sourced replacement RR3 tweeters to put into the empty Merlin cases. The Merlin cabinet is basically the same size as the Sorcerer into which Joe Ackroyd fitted RR2 drivers for the later SE version just before he released the Revelation series in early 2000's.

The RR3 replacement tweeters were fixed into the existing tweeter cut out using a homemade wooden bracket and the gap covered with a surround ( allowing me to revert back to the original tweeter if need be ). The RR1 drivers simply slotted straight in with no mods needed. 4mm steel plate pieces were glued in so as to line as much of the inside of the cabinets as I could given that I could only get 110mm pieces in through the driver cut out. (  Joe Ackroyd also did this in the RR3 to add rigidity to the whole structure ) The Merlin crossover for what it is looks quite similar to the RR3 so I left this in place. Of course the RR3 driver and tweeter were matched and voiced specifically by Joe Ackroyd but my RR1 driver is pretty close and my ears are probably not good enough to hear the difference anyway. 
The result - very chuffed as I feel they are on a par with the RR1's even dare I say slightly better. They have a bit more body and substance full bodied if you like compared to the more medium weight RR1's. The top end is definitely smoother and more fluid than the RR1 which has a smaller polyester tweeter. Colin's amps definitely like Royds and help keep enough of the life and vitality of the original Merlins. Likewise all the Wonfor dynamics and bass are there in bucket loads. Being brand new doped drivers they are taking time to bed in but are getting better each day with a more even and balanced sound. 

ps can't get image to display ! 


  • Just paste the image URL in the window when you click on the image button. 

    I'll give this a proper read later when I'm not so rushed, Mervyn. Looks fascinating.
  • You'll have to bring them down sometime after lockdown to compare with the originals  ;)
  • Yes that would be an interesting comparison. I last heard your RR3's many moons ago and would be good to hear them again. I have lived with my RR1's for a long time now and know the 'house sound' quite well. 
    The clones are getting better by the day as the drivers loosen up and now flesh out the sound with minute detailing I have not heard before on certain recordings. These standmounts do seem to have a fuller sound than the floorstanding RR1's which behave like 'grown-up' posher Minstrels which like you I also lived with for a long time. Can't kick this Royd 'lets dance' habit and it would be intriguing to know what J Ackroyd would have produced in 2020. 
  • My system has evolved since you heard it. 
    I often wonder where he would have gone, too. 
  • I wish I'd made more effort to become familiar with Royds. I've heard a few at enthusiast shows, but I don't have any clear memory or feel for them,
  • You’re always welcome here at Rosam Towers, Ben. Post lockdown, of course. 
  • Thanks Dave. Would be good!
    I could bring my DIY Monacors to give me a reference point... :-/
  • Always welcome, too!
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