Cartridge repairs

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For anyone interested, I am expanding my business to include cartridge repairs.
The rebuilding extends to most cartridges. This obviously depends on
each individual cartridge, and I will need to see the cartridge and
examine what can be done.
I have managed to do a deal with Fritz
Gyger for their FGII, and FG S styli, not cheap but certainly one ,if
not the best styli available.
I will be able to re-tip existing cantilevers, or replace with solid ruby cantilevers, cartridge dependant of course.
Plus I can replace suspension, tension wire, re-wind coils etc.
This is incredibly intense work as you can imagine and as such will not be cheap.
a cartridge is in good order, just needing a new spherical or
elliptical tip to the existing cantilever, this should cost around £60.
the cantilever is damaged and needs replacing, this can in most cases
be replaced with a ruby cantilever and either a Fritz Gyger II, or S
stylus, FGII with ruby cantilever £330, FG S with ruby cantilever £350.
FG II retip to existing cantilever £130, FG S retip to existing cantilever £150
If the cartridge has damaged suspension or coils, I will quote on an idividual basis.
Bear in mind, the ruby cantilever and FG stylus will be a dramatic upgrade.
I must add, there is another very important factor concerning mainly MC
cartridges which never seems to be discussed elsewhere, that is
missalignment due to use. What I mean is not everyone uses the
lift/lower device on their arms, prefering to do the job by hand. This
can cause tremendous strain on a cartridges suspension and in a lot of
cases altering the suspension or even twisting the cantilever/coil
assembly. I have examind many used and even brand new styli only to find
azimuth issues and on used carts stretched suspension. Rubber
suspension dampers are pretty hardy, but tension wires are not.
cantilevers are a common sight on used carts. This is usually a result
of a kink in the suspension wire. This is very difficult to remedy, not
impossible. Some cantilevers are obviously bent, but this usaully means
the wire is bent also, so it is not a great idea to try and bend it back
Another notion going around is old carts have duff
suspension, mainly going stiff over time. I have yet to find one that
just needed a re-alignment of the azimuth and re-tension of the damper
to be perfectly fine.
I have also seen some images of re-wound coils
on the net that I found quite shocking. No neatness to the delicate work
as far as I can see. I treat each re-build as if it were being examined
by the worlds experts and also if I were doing it for myself!
There is no excuse for sloppy workmanship.
For those interested, I will examine styli for wear, plus re-align coil and suspension for £70 plus return postage.
If the stylus has excessive wear and no further work is appropriate, this will cost £25 plus return postage.
Cartrides have always held a particular fascination to me, and now I have the means to do this rewarding and delicate work.
the background, I will be experimenting with at least one, maybe more,
new cartridges of my own design, plus some tonearm and headshell idea I
have. Watch this space!
If anyone has any duff cartridges knocking
about they no longer need, can you please get in touch with me with a
view to forwarding them on for experimentation and knowledge purposes.
Thank you.
Supex Rosewood: In pices and hand winding new coilsimageimage


  • New spherical re-tip to existing cantilever viewed through microscope and newly made coil formers for some Supex'simageimage
  • Cool Dom, and best of luck with this venture - you must really really small fingers!
  • Dom how do you manage to get accurate and even tension winding by hand? Surely you need a jig and variable clutch to rewind coils accurately?

    The coil formers look ace.
  • Thank you. I do not use a jig or clutch, it is simply done by hand with head worn magnification, then further inspected under a microscope to check the windings. This is very intensive work as you can imagine and being as the wire is so fine, I find it best to apply tension by hand.
  • Dom,
    Very impressive. I assume you're not a coffee drinker....? ;-)
  • Hi Doc, I drink coffee like it's going out of fashion!
  • The steadiest hand in the (north) west.
  • I'm getting into this field before I become a dithering Idiot, plus there is Parkinsons within my side of the family, so time is precious!
  • Dom, do you think you could build a cartridge from scratch? Maybe if you had donor suspension? I'd love to T-off some super high precision cnc work, I've had an inkling to design and have some sintered metal work made.

  • Can you email me regarding this, my email is
    We can swap tel numbers etc and have a chat.
  • Here is another re-tip. A Denon DL110. I have made a new cantilever and fitted a Shibata tip.
  • Hi Dominic .
    I may have a  Grado SIgnature  8 for a new tip and check over - $150 [ £100 ]  for a new Grado stylus and I will still not be sure the body is OK.

  • Would it be possible to repair the suspension of a Sony XL 55 PRO II cartridge?
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    Hi freebee,

    I would recommend sending Dominic a message so he knows of your enquiry; you can do this by clicking on his name, then to the left of the page you will see 'Send Dominic a message'. Once you click send, he will get an email notification.

    Best of luck!
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