Hi have just found you

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Have only been back into hifi for just over two years.

I have pieced together my system completely the wrong way...................I've always bought used equipment & never listened to any of it before buying it!!

Anyway I live in West Yorkshire, UK & my current system comprises of two Harman Kardon PA2400 power amps (bi-amped - 1 amp per speaker), Tag Mclaren PA20R pre amp, Esoteric SA60 universal disc player, Systemdek IIX TT, Technics SL12100 TT, DPA DSP 200S phono stage, Ruark Templar II speakers & as always assorted cables!!

My music tastes are varied, but I don't really like classical, opera, punk, heavy rock & as I sit typing this I'm listening to Nitin Sawhneys 'Beyond Skin' album on cd.........................................although I have just got back into vinyl & have only just, to my shame, discovered John Martyn & have just bought 4 of his albums on vinyl.

I'm aged 60 going on 16, retired, married & loving life & trying to enjoy it to the full.......................................I must admit I'm becoming a hifi nutter..........I cannot get enough of it.....................................but I've learnt over these last two years that it's the music that counts.....................so I try to listen to mine EVERY DAY!!


willie G



  • Hi willie!
    All your stated musical preferences I'm on board with.
    In any event, bien venu.
  • .....but I've learnt over these last two years that it's the music that counts............

    Amen to that Willie and welcome to the friendliest hi-fi forum on the net....I'm sure some of the other residents will be along shortly to say hello!


  • Hi Willie, love the speakers
    Best Col
  • Welcome Willie

    I hope you enjoy it here.


  • Hi there Willie - and welcome. Make yourself at home!

    I built my system much the same way, and was fortunate enough to not lose/make a little profit each time I sold something on to improve the 'synergy'. Its a great journey, hurrah for eBay!
  • Hi Willie.
    welcome , very pleased to have another vinyl user on board,
    i too use an old systemdek IIX and love it ,
    hope you find chews as pleasant a corner of the WWW as i have,
    all the best,

  • Hi Willie,
    If at all possible, position the loudspeakers on the floor instead of letting them share a platform with turntables.
    Should sound much better.
  • Hi Rob,

    Unfortunately space is an issue here but I have read something saying exactly what you have said.

    Because I'm the sort of person who wants to know, please can you tell me why it should sound better

    Just guessing but is it feedback/vibration issues & if so is it the speakers or the TT that's at fault?

    Thanks for pointing this out.


    willie G 
  • hi Willie,
    as you will know your tt works by moving the stylus in a microscopic groove , by introducing movement induced by the speakers the tt will be picking up these vibrations and adding them to the musical output at the speakers, colouring the music and reducing accuracy , cd players are also just as susceptible to this vibration, if your cd player had an error counter the error rate would climb as you turn up the volume , 
    also all the electronics ,phono stage , amp etc can also benefit from being isolated from this vibration,
    by putting the speakers on the floor where they were designed to work best you will reduce the vibration reaching the components and thus let you hear more of the music, even though the TT's have some suspension they will give better(more accurate) and far quieter (reduced noise floor) results by placing them on dedicated wall shelves , typical results are cleaner more incisive sound , far cleaner deeper bass and uncover a layer of fine detail that remains even at high volume .
    all the best,
  • <snip>if so is it the speakers or the TT that's at fault?

    Neither, really. As Matt says, it is a fact of life that has to be worked around. A bit like death and taxes, but for hi-fi ;-)
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    what about a wall shelf for your TT - then you could keep your speakers where they are if your rig works for you like that.

    You could hang the shelf above your HiFi table on the wall behind.

    sometimes it can be impossibe to arrange things perfectly for a good while, but the system can still sound good. Its all about the music after all.
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