DAC Upgrade - I've folded..... Or the Weiss DAC202 thread



  • Pardon my confusion, but that's a MacBook Pro there (and an iPad), so do you still need a computer or tablet to control it?
  • Hi, no ,no computer needed, I pad does everything, ripping ,downloading. playback the whole schmooze.
    KR Keith.
  • So the entry cost is the Weiss and an iPad?
  • Yes ,just the box and an IPad, there is no internal storage, you would need something with your files .
    KR Keith.
  • Interesting move that, Keith. Weiss seem to be acknowledging that people in the market for this kind of kit are probably already kitted out with a RAID array of some sort.
  • External storage makes sense doesnt it, you can them choose exactly what you need, for the Weiss server to succeed it has to sound better than MBP/PC and the same Weiss dac, and be as easy to use as a CD player.
    kr Keith.
  • What a shame Keith that it's not in the box design as the 202!

    Sure it will sound good, but the question is how much better than Mac "n" Dac?

  • Justin Hi, it looks much nicer now doesn't it?
    more here from CA,
    Second, Weiss demonstrated the new MAN301 music server. This version of the Weiss server is 100% better than last year's prototype. The iPad user interface has improved greatly with a very usable and unique method of track selection and playback. The server will come in two versions, one with ($11,730) and one without ($8,670) the DAC202 built-in. Volume control on this server is the usual Weiss coarse analog / fine digital. The server also features word clock in/out, disc ripping, playback from NAS or USB drive, SSD for OS and database only, and user profiles for separate playlists per user. In an effort to eliminate UPnP network issues the MAn301 can be connected directly to the NAS drive's Ethernet port. Control and Internet access is then available via the MAN301's wireless interface. Weiss Engineering hopes to ship the MAN301 in the next couple months.

    KR Keith.
  • Thanks for that Keith,

    So UK prices will be around £9,000 and £6,000, with and without built in DAC, WOW!


  • That's too steep for me :-(

    I'll have to apply the @Alan principle and wait :-)
  • Its the 1st law of Alan-Dynamics:

    Things will depreciate/simplify or decompose before I get them.
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    Incidentally, did you hear that they had to open Beethoven's grave, not long after burying him? They opened the lid and there he was crossing out manuscripts. He was decomposing
  • Oooh, dark! I like it!
  • Very good guys, me passing on the Weiss to, now where's that tape deck!!!!

  • Justin Hi, nonfat less about £4500 and £6750 for the inbuilt version.
    KR Keith.
  • Thanks Keith, sure they will sound sooo good.


  • Guaranteed they will. The whole industry will be chasing for years!

    I wonder if these high end audiophile servers will be accessible headlessly through these new Internet TVs, integrating them into the home's entertainment system?
  • Alan, your wasted talent my friend!!!!

  • Well, he is known for getting wasted...  :-\"
  • A talented waster perhaps?
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