past deelights

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I had kinda gotten out of listening to my LPs until Arthur Khoubestan [ Funk / PT ] offered to rebuild my long dead Pink Triangle .
The cartridge will be a modest Grado Prestige Green into a Linn Classik Movie , 1st generation / Sennheisers .

However , I found an original 1951 Tebaldi / Erede La Boheme in fantastic condition in a Charity shop which prompted me to awaken my Rega / Suspect RB 200 / Grado Sig 8 - using a less precious ACL issue .

I had forgotten how autism and gender dislocation can be calmed by something familiar and ... with continuity ?? 

Autism likes sameness and a sense of connection - mostly to the 30s/40s/50s , much of which was still around post war in 1947 onward .

I also played my Ansermet Petroushka - transfered from 1946 78s onto LP around 1949 / 50 - my brown paper sleeve London label is correct for this date , though I played the ECS elecronic stereo version which creates more ' air ' on headphones .
Another magical Boheme with Beecham from 1956 , was also re-issued in faux stereo .

It's wierd - later versions don't have the magic for me . I guess that , in the 60s I could only afford  budget labels of 50s classic performances , especially opera , I also fell for the sleeves / artwork / presentation . Over the years , I can regognise almost all records in a pile , from the sleeves !

I have a set of the 1st Merry Widow with Swarzkopf which has 4 sides , white labels , one side blank , with notes of remastering by A . Griffith in 1978 .
HMV library ? I don't know , but I love that location in time , to go with my Columbia set .

Even stranger , is a 1956 Boheme from a Art College library , seemingly played a few times over a decade .
The Lps are the later version in the original sleeves , so someone must have thought that separate copies would be better than a box set .
They play almost silently .

It really helps to have some kind of location for everything somehow . 


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