WANTED Audio Technica storage box

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I am looking for the cartridge/headshell storage box once made by Audio Technica.
An acrylic box for storing 4 headshells, the headshells went into a hole with a gap for the locating pin then you turned the headshell 90 degrees to lock it into position.
Regards   Al


  • Anything like this:

    Thought a picture might help.
  • Er, that could be the 1.5 version, Alan :-)
  • Thanks Fellas,
    That is just what I'm looking for, I saw it on Ebay, but it was $256, I also saw what looked like a felt lined wooden box holding 5 cartridges, it also looked nice, but was expensive.
    However, I have been directed to another box apparently by the same dealer but it's $69 + $14 shipping.
    So that's on my Santa list.
    It's great to be able to tap into a mine of helpful people with knowledge.

    Kind regards Al
  • It is "..great to..tap into a mine of helpful people with knowledge" Al, and I'm glad you found helpful advice.

    don't forget us at AudioChews though!

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