XLD/Missing Artwork

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What a clever piece of software this is.  It's merrily converting 225GB of FLAC files into Apple Lossless on my Macbook.  Why I hear you ask?  Well, I originally ripped all my music to FLAC for use on my Sonos system.  Now, in order to use iTunes with Audirvana I need the music in a suitable format.

I think it will also look for missing artwork as well, although I've not tried this feature yet.  As a backup option, do any of you knowledgeable folk know of a program that will sweep through my music library and retrieve artwork from one of the online databases like CDDB?  I could do with the program inserting a 'folder.jpg' file in the album folder so that the Sonos can also use it.




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    Try Jaikoz James. Sorts out much meta mungledness, including covers.

    Oh, as well as OS X, it's available for some things called Windows and Linux. Whatever they are 
  • Thanks Dave.

    Ah, Windows......got a few of those around the house.
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