Another important direction for digital players?

edited November 2011 in Digital
We've talked about the future for digital audio, but I think this player - Tomahawk - with its social network integration could have another important part of the future. 

With such facilities, we as Audio Chewers, could see exactly what other members are playing without them going to the bother of posting to the 'Listening to now' thread.


  • A terrifying prospect. If, via such a device, word gets out about my filthy country music habit, my street cred' could be compromised.
  • true that, by linking spoti to my Facebook account ,all my friends found out about my 'really cheesy 60's and  70's cocktail lounge latin jazz ' habit,  L-)
  • Well, I have nothing to be ashamed of, which is why all my playings can be seen on my account  :D
  • Er...Mr Uglymusic...
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