Please introduce yourself



  • Sorry, should have said I'm Dave.

    Sounds as if it should be good! Not that I have any up-to-date knowledge about analogue. Oops! 
  • Hello how long have you had the beasty?
  • Have you gone all Rabbie Burns on us, Col?
  • edited August 22

    I've been into Hifi for 10 years now always upgrading into Naim equipment. I listen all types of music but classic and opera, especially pop rock, accoustic and jazz.

    My home system is:
    HiFI: NAC 252-supercap2/Nap 300/ CDS3-XPS2/ module Viard silver HD / B&W 802N/ cables HP MPC Abyss evo/ barrette QB8 + Frey2 + red dawns

    HC: Lexicon MC12B V.EQ/ Nap V175/ BD Yamaha 1067S/ Velodyne DD15

    I am now into upgrading my speaker cables. I am into several paths TQ green, UB or EWA LS25. Been told TQ green had been designed specially for naim so looks like best option but LS25 is quite tempting.
  • Hi Shawn!
    Dave (Uglymusic) will be glad to have another jazzer on the team!
    Never tried TQ Green myself, but others here have (I think), tho possibly not with Naim. Plenty of Wonfor acolytes on the forum. :-)
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